Hans Pausch Hungaria:
The contract manufacturing specialist

  • Cost effective complex offerings
  • Complete or partial outsourcing of manufacturing
  • High quality production, reliable delivery
  • Customized solutions for high variety of industries
  • Decased of experience in production for the medical industry
  • Manufacturing and assembling available from the same source
  • Optimized supply chain provided by a single partner

Complex service packages for individual requirements

At Hans Pausch Hungaria we believe, we have to serve each of our customer’s individual requirements, because each company operates slightly or completely different. For that reason, we are specialized in tailor-made solutions. You can choose what parts of your supply chain you would like to outsource.

Complex service packages for individual requirements
Contract Manufacturing

Trusted supplier of the healthcare industry

With more than 25 years of experience in contract manufacturing for the medical sector, we know how important attention to detail is. We’ve been able to acquire decades of experience in contract manufacturing medical imaging systems and radiology equipment.
Each industry has its specialties, knowledge in this field is a huge advantage of working with our team.

Unlimited possibilities for wide selection of industries

The team of Hans Pausch Hungaria is constantly working on the evolution of our offerings and partnerships. We are proud to be involved in the supply chain for wide selection of industries, which involves metal fabrication combined with our assembling solutions and other services. Feel free to contact us, to find out how working with us can optimize your supply chain.

Contract Manufacturing Specialist

Are you interested in a partnership or do you need detailed information about our contract manufacturing services?
Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you with expertise and commitment to find the best solution for your requirements.

Welding during metal fabrication
contract manufacturing specialist

The benefit of optimized supply chain

Our range has been developed to offer a single source possibility in the supply chain of our parners. This is a highly cost efficient way of outsourcing, because unnecessary cost of logistics and transportation can be avoided. Having a more optimized chain of production means, there are less possibilities of having quality issues, thanks to our advanced quality management system.

contract manufacturing specialist
Contract Manufacturing

Bespoke service packages optimized for you

We are able to offer contact manufacturing services starting from the design, through the fabrifaction and assembling to the delivery of the finished product.

  • Technology processing
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment
  • Commercial components purchasing
  • Assembling
  • Different levels of quality control
  • Packing
  • Transportation

You can choose which options are required to support your business.

Extend your product line in cooperation with Hans Pausch Hungaria

The flexibility of our production lets us being involved trough the evolution of a new product line. Starting with the provided design, we are able to be your partner in contract manufacturing for:

  • Design sample
  • First production sample
  • First series production
  • Ramping up to full series
Contract Manufacturing

Our offer – your advantages

Experience and quality

Benefit from our three decades of involvement in contract manufacturing and metal fabrication.


We adapt to your change requests with rapid response in order to keep your supply chain up to date.

Customer orientation

We are working to serve our customers, which ensures that your expectations will be precisely met.

Complete service package

From material procurement to production and functional testing, we support you trough every step of contract manufacturing.


Using our sevices simplifies your logistics processes. As a result you can expect reduced cost of production.


Based on your requirements, we are able to offer complete traceability of all parts and assembling steps, to minimize sources of error.

Save internal resources – rely on Hans Pausch Hungaria

Outsourcing assembly work to Hans Pausch Hungaria means relying on a partner who is characterized by precision and punctual delivery. We understand that time is a decisive factor in global competition. We therefore offer you solutions that optimally complement and support your internal processes.

Contact us for individual advice and a quote. Together we will find the optimum solution for your component assembly.


Welding during metal fabrication

What is contract manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is a production process in which companies outsource specific production tasks to external specialists. These specialists, such as Hans Pausch Hungaria, take over individual production steps or complete production processes for their clients. Contract manufacturing enables companies to benefit from the expertise and specialized production capabilities of the service provider without having to invest in the corresponding machines or specialist personnel. This approach is particularly effective when it comes to specialized tasks such as component assembling.

Advantages of contract manufacturing

One of the main advantages of contract manufacturing is cost saving, as there is no need to invest in your own production facilities or specialized personnel. In addition companies can benefit from flexibility, as they can access the resources of the contract manufacturer to cope with peaks in demand or realize special projects. Contract manufacturing provides access to specialized expertise and advanced technologies, which is particularly advantageous for complex tasks such as component assembling. Quality assurance by the contract manufacturer also ensures that the end product meets the highest standards.

Important aspects of component assembly

When assembling components, it is crucial that the individual components are joined together precisely and according to exact specifications. Quality and precision are of the utmost importance here in order to guarantee the functionality and durability of the end product. Another important aspect is flexibility in production in order to efficiently implement customer-specific requirements. In addition, efficient process design plays a key role in enabling fast and cost-efficient production. Companies such as Hans Pausch Hungaria, which specialize in subcontract assembly, have the necessary expertise and technological equipment to master these challenges.

Sub-assembly in contract manufacturing: Customized solutions from Hans Pausch Hungaria

Our approach to component assembly in contract manufacturing at Hans Pausch Hungaria is strongly customer-oriented. We offer customized solutions that range from concept to completion. Our subcontract assembly services adapt flexibly to your individual requirements in order to deliver precise and high-quality results.

Efficient subassembly in contract manufacturing for your needs

At Hans Pausch Hungaria, we understand the importance of efficiency and fast delivery. Our subcontract assembly is characterized by agile production strategies and efficient processes that guarantee fast delivery of your assemblies. Rely on our expertise to realize your projects on time and with the highest quality.

Sustainable subassembly in contract manufacturing at Hans Pausch Hungaria

Sustainability is a key component of our subcontract assembly. Hans Pausch Hungaria attaches great importance to environmentally conscious production processes. Our subcontract assembly takes ecological aspects into account in order to offer not only high-quality but also sustainable solutions.