Sheet metal working made in Hungary

Sheet Metal Production

Well-trained and motivated employees guarantee a first-class product.
Hans Pausch Hungaria can be relied upon as an experienced supplier in the field of sheet metal fabrication. A company that, as a supplier, offers a wide range of solutions for all the needs of its customers. Regardless of the industry in which you operate. In addition to our laser cutting, punching, bending and spot welding services, we can provide additional locksmith solutions. One-stop service from raw material through the cutting and calibration process to the finished product. Our fleet is well equipped to meet our customers’ needs from prototype to series production. Excellent quality and precise execution are most important to us.

Why is Hans Pausch Hungaria the ideal partner for sheet metal processing in Hungary?

Sheet metal fabrication is a critical process in numerous industries, including medical. Hans Pausch Hungaria, with over 25 years of experience in the industry, introduces itself as your ideal partner for sheet metal working in Hungary. In this article we explain why our services in Hungary are particularly valuable.

Technological excellence and expertise

Hans Pausch Hungaria has established itself as a leading company in sheet metal and steel processing. Our modern production facilities are equipped with the latest technologies that allow us to implement complex projects with the highest precision and efficiency. Our main activities include welding, bending, laser cutting and punching.

Competitive prices with high quality

A decisive advantage of sheet metal processing in Hungary is the competitive prices. Thanks to lower production costs compared to other European countries, we can offer high-quality services at attractive prices. This is particularly interesting for international customers who are looking for cost-efficient but high-quality solutions.

Strategic location for export

Our production site in southern Hungary offers a geographically advantageous position for export throughout Europe. The well-developed logistics infrastructure, including roads and railways, allows us to minimize delivery times and reduce transportation costs.

Highly qualified professionals

We attach great importance to the training and qualification of our employees. Our professionals are known for their technical skills, expertise and precision, which are critical to manufacturing products that meet the stringent requirements of the medical device and other industries.

Comprehensive service

A special focus at Hans Pausch Hungaria is the assembly of complete units. We offer a comprehensive service from conception to quality control and product optimization.

Therefore with Hans Pausch Hungaria as partner

Hans Pausch Hungaria is your ideal partner for sheet metal working in Hungary. We offer technological excellence, competitive prices, strategic location and highly qualified professionals. If you are looking for an efficient and high quality solution for your sheet metal working projects, you have come to the right place.

Sheet metal processing in medical technology: Precision and quality at Hans Pausch Hungaria

Sheet metal working is an essential part of medical technology. At Hans Pausch Hungaria we use high quality materials and advanced technologies to produce precise sheet metal parts. This guide is designed to give you an overview of the various processes and materials used in sheet metal fabrication.

Sheet metal working process

  • Punching
    This is a fast and cost-efficient process that is particularly suitable for high volumes.
  • Laser cutting
    For more complex shapes and prototypes, laser cutting is often the best choice. It offers high precision and flexibility.
  • Bending and folding
    These processes are used to shape sheet metal parts into the desired form. Modern CNC-controlled press brakes enable high accuracy.

Material selection

  • Stainless steel
    Due to its corrosion resistance and strength, stainless steel is a commonly used material in medical technology.
  • Aluminum
    This material is lightweight and provides good thermal and electrical conductivity. It is often used for housings and other non-critical parts.
  • Titanium
    For applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance, titanium is often the first choice.

Quality control

Quality assurance is a crucial aspect of sheet metal processing, especially in medical technology, where requirements are often very high. At Hans Pausch Hungaria, we use state-of-the-art measurement techniques and quality management systems to ensure that all parts meet our high standards.

Simply contact us for more information and learn how our expertise in sheet metal fabrication can help you.