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Hans Pausch Hungaria

For more than 25 years, the company Hans Pausch Hungaria has stood for quality in metal and sheet metal processing. The production is made of sheet material, but also of stainless steel and aluminum, from cutting to the finished welded part.

This is not only one of our business areas where the company has always excelled in quality work. Our other important qualification is flexibility in manufacturing and production. Hans Pausch Hungária is the right partner to check product ideas for feasibility. Based on the drawing, our specialists perform profitability calculations, check the manufacturability of the product and advise on its optimization.

Subsequently, the assemblies can be completely mounted. Thus, interested parties receive everything from a single source at favorable conditions and reliable quality.

German owners, European claim: The philosophy of Hans Pausch Hungaria

The combination of German corporate management and European standards makes Hans Pausch Hungaria a unique partner in medical technology. Our philosophy is characterized by the symbiosis of German precision and European diversity.

German precision

Our German owners bring to the company the care and precision typical of Germany. This is reflected in the quality of our products and services.

European claim

Our European aspirations are reflected in our openness to innovation and our willingness to think and act across national borders. We are proud to be a European company with global reach.

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Quality and reliability

The combination of German precision and European standards enables us to offer products of the highest quality and reliability.
This mentality is supported by our advanced quality management system, which is involved through our complete production line.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Our philosophy includes a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. As a European company, we adhere to strict environmental and social standards. We are continously working on enviromental developments on our site, just like the utilization of solar energy use for our production.

Customer centricity

Our focus is always on the needs of our customers. We strive to offer not only products, but also solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

At Hans Pausch Hungaria, we are proud to be a company that combines German precision with European standards.

Medical Technology in Hungary: An Emerging Sector with European Aspirations

Hungary has established itself as an important location for medical technology in recent years. With a combination of skilled labor, advanced technology and a favorable geographic location, the country offers ideal conditions for the industry. At Hans Pausch Hungaria, we are proud to be part of this emerging sector.

Professionals and training

Hungary has an excellent education system that produces a wide range of professionals in the fields of engineering, healthcare and technology. These well-trained specialists are one of the pillars of the success of medical technology in Hungary.

Technological innovation

Hungary is also a center for technological innovation. With a number of research institutes and startups specializing in medical technology, the country remains at the forefront of technological development.

European integration

As a member of the European Union, Hungary benefits from simplified access to the markets of other EU countries. This facilitates trade and cooperation and ensures that products and services meet European standards.

Economic advantages

The lower production costs in Hungary compared to other European countries make the country an attractive location for investments in medical technology.

At Hans Pausch Hungaria, we use all these advantages to provide our customers with high-quality products and services. Our production facilities in Hungary are equipped with the latest technology, and our team of professionals ensures the highest quality and reliability.