Sheet Metal Production

Sheet metal processing

When a sheet of metal starts the journey to become your product.
Your concept combined with our expertise can form your future success.



Our highly trained welding team is ready to take the challenges of different materials:
Aluminum, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Industrial Coating

Surface treatment

Some parts just doesn’t look good without the right finish.
Wide range of industrial grade surface treatment solutions are available in our range.


Assembly service

From small sub-assemblies to complete systems, we will make them work for you.
Mechanical and electrical solutions for variety of industries.

Welcome to Hans Pausch Hungaria

Welcome to

Hans Pausch Hungaria

The team of Hans Pausch Hungaria Kft. has more than 25 years experience, what we are using to be a reliable partner in the sheet metal fabrication industry. We are specialized in laser cutting, bending, punching and welding.
Furthermore we expanded our operations with the option of various surface treatments and assembling. This way we are able to provide single source solutions, starting with design to the delivery of finished products.
We attach great importance to quality control, as a result our partners can rely on a hassle free high quality supply. With a production site in southern Hungary, we can offer easily accessible manufacturing on competitive rates, while maintaining first-class quality.

Complex component assembling

Hans Pausch Hungaria combines precision and quality in component assembling with customized solutions for every industry. Discover our expertise in solutions for partial and complete unit assemblies.

Complex component assembling
sheet metal fabrication process

Sheet metal processing

Our sheet metal processing technologies guarantee precision and quality. Hans Pausch Hungaria offers innovative solutions for all your sheet metal processing requirements.


Discover our professional welding services that ensure the highest quality and precision. Hans Pausch Hungaria is your partner for customized welding solutions.

Welding during metal fabrication
Industrial painting surface treatment

Industrial painting

Perfect appearance and durability – our industrial paintwork offers both. Rely on Hans Pausch Hungaria for professional painting solutions.